If I could magically fix one thing that would make driving more pleasant, it would be revoking the licenses of jackasses who use the left lane for travel instead of passing. These people are awful. And what makes it worse is they either too stupid or too ignorant to realize it is their shitty driving that is likely to cause an accident.

Anyway, I have no problem being assertive and getting up on someone who’s driving in the left lane and not passing anyone. I get at least two middle fingers and/or high-beam flashes a week because of this. But I don’t care because fuck them. If they can’t follow the rules of the road, they shouldn’t be on it.

So the other night, I was on my way home and there was a Jeep in the left lane more or less pacing the car to its right, with not a vehicle in front of it. I got on it a little bit, they got the hint, passed the car, and got over to the middle lane. Good for them.

However, as soon as I passed them with the plan to get over so those behind me could pass, the asshole did what assholes do and sped up. I simply don’t understand why people drive this way. I already know they are a shit driver from how they use the left lane; they don’t need to prove it further by speeding up so I can’t get in.

I sped up because I saw an opening a little ways up where I could just get in front of an 18-wheeler. The Jeep’s driver must have known what my plan was because they sped up too, and then jumped in the right lane. It was then I saw the headlights come on from the shoulder, and the cop car take off from it. Fuck.

Since I was sure I was going to get a ticket for speeding, I completed my goal of getting in front of the 18-wheeler in some hopes that the cop wouldn’t notice and would blow right past me. But that didn’t happen. Nor did I get pulled over. The Jeep got pulled over.

Oh how I laughed and laughed. That’s not just karma kicking in, that’s some serious Fuck You Karma. This cocksucker tried his best to not let me in, and got pulled over for it.

Hahaha. Fuck him.

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Thanksgiving was two days ago, so that naturally means I bought a bunch of shit I didn’t need on Black Friday. Except I bought most of it on Thanksgiving day because of competition I imagine, Black Friday now happens on Thursday.

Since my family has decided not to buy anyone anything for Christmas (another blog to come, hopefully) with the exception of Jax, my grandnephew, most of the purchases were about me. They were mostly Blu-rays, but I did score a sweet gift for Jax, a memory card for my Kindle Fire, and some Blu-rays. Did I say I got some Blu-rays?

I didn’t need the memory card just yet (although I suspect I’d need it at some point), I purchased it now because I need to reset the Fire to factory settings. I have a bunch of books that I didn’t purchase from Amazon on there, so I figured I’d just move them over to the card so I wouldn’t have to transfer them from the PC again. (If you have a Kindle or Kindle Fire, Calibre is an absolute must. I purchased the app.) I need to reset the Fire because I sideloaded the Play store on it, and I updated the Kindle Reader against my better judgement. Now the reader as acting goofy. Thank god I didn’t mess with the firmware on it.

On another note (but related to reading), I’ve been considering making my never-updated book blog a straight up site for eBook deals. A major problem will be the site’s address (http://www.metroreading.alienredrum.com), but I can’t be assed to change that, and if people can’t be bothered to make one click to add it to favorites, I’ll live. I’m thinking to link it from HorrorTalk’s front page. I don’t know yet. It’s just more work and I’m struggling to write something on this often.

One thing at a time.

If you like to read, make sure to follow StoryBundle and HumbleBundle (this one does comics and games, too). They have great book bundles for dirt cheap. I can’t recommend these highly enough. I’ve bought more than my share from each. And StoryBundle offers the opportunity to donate a portion of your money to a charity of your choice.

And completely unrelated, I was revisiting Ozzy Osbourne’s No More Tears album today. I forgot how much I dug it.

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Okay, that title isn’t necessarily true. But it’s close enough.

There are a ton of TV shows I’m either behind on or have never started that I know I should and would like, but instead of watching what has been recommended or finishing out what I’m even enjoying, I watch the same shows almost every night:

Bob’s Burgers
The Wire
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The worst part is I’ve started a few shows that I actually like, but have yet to finish (both The Deuce and The Night Of come to mind).

I don’t get it. I’m not averse to trying new show or films (I’ll get to that in a minute, because that’s even weirder), and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the shows above. But when it comes to watching the latest episode of The Deuce, a show which I’m really digging, or an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, more often than not I’m going with the latter.

Movies are even more weird (like I said). For example, I have had It Follows and The Witch on my “to watch” list forever now, and what am I currently watching? The Silence of the Lambs. Something I’ve seen countless times. What’s even odder is if I were to watch something I haven’t seen, I’m going to something from the ’70s before something recent. I’ll end up seeing Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot! before I finally end up watching Wonder Woman.

The opposite is true on books, though. I can count on one hand how many books I will re-read (The Stand, IT, and Ender’s Game immediately come to mind). However, I won’t even consider reading those over something I’m even mildly interested in; hell, if I do re-read something, I’ll do it while reading something else rather than by itself.

Whatever. I gotta go. I might mess something in a movie I’ve seen 20 times.

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When I first started this blog a hundred years ago, I used to be so good at keeping this updated. One of the main reasons I started it – and I’ve said this before – is an author said the best way to get better at writing is to always write. I’m not an author of novels, and I have no goals to be, but I do write reviews and I’m always wanting to be better at writing them. So it’s stupid not to keep up on this, more so because I actually pay for this site and the domain name. I’m just wasting money on something I’m not using…something that only benefits me.

And the pisser is, when I do constantly keep up with this, it shows in my writing. At least I think it does. Not only do I believe I’m a stronger wordsmith when I’m always putting something to paper (or screen), but the words come easier. What’s weird is I used to have a lot to say, and it was easy to do tons of entries. But now, I still feel like I have a lot to say or write, but the needling isn’t there to do it. There was a time I felt like I had to get the words out. That they were trapped in my head and they needed escape. Now, not so much. The words are still there, but the urgency to escape isn’t. I’m thinking this mainly has to do with how out of practice I am. I don’t write nearly as many blogs as I used to and in turn, not nearly many as reviews. Or maybe it’s vice versa, who knows. Either way, I miss it. At least the reviews part.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again because I know me, I’m going to make a conscious effort to start writing more. I feel empty when I don’t, which is ironic because writing is expelling words, so I shouldn’t feel empty like I do, I should feel full. But that’s getting too deep.

I’m jealous of my friend Kevin. He keeps multiple blogs steady updated. I don’t know how he…well I do know how he does it, with drive and discipline, two things I’m severely lacking. I only have two blogs (this and Metro Reading) and I can’t even keep one updated, much less the amount Kevin does. I’m going to try to get back on this Blog Bus. I’ve genuinely missed writing on a regular basis, and it has always felt good doing an update no matter how big or small. So my goal is not to pressure myself on the length of the post, something I’ve done a ton of in the past. If I have something to say, I should say it, no matter how big or small. I think if I start with that attitude, it will be helpful getting more output from my brain to my fingers.

With all that, I was in Macy’s last night and heard a song playing in the store that I used to (and still do, really) LOVE. I have to be honest, this was an interesting song to here in that store to say the least, all things considered.

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I love a lot of things about my job, but one of the things that stands out is the ability to work from home on occasion. I don’t do it a lot, but when there are times I have an appointment that can’t be made over the weekend, I have the ability to do it during the week without using any of my personal time. Like yesterday.

Yesterday was supposed to be a good day. I was originally working from home for two reasons. The first is my HOA meeting was that night and I’m on the board (if I’m going to hate something tremendously, I might as well be part of it). The second was I planned on taking my truck in to get the AC fixed. The AC has not worked since it was about 200 miles out of warranty (Fuck me, right?), and they’ve “fixed” it a few times, but the problem has been it’s been so cool as of late, it did feel like the AC was working…until a hot day came. So, finally, the guy at Ford did a solid and said, “Look, wait until a week when it’s hot, bring it in, and I’ll give you a loaner car for the day.” This was that week.

I called him on Wednesday, told him I’d be bringing it in on Thursday and he said fine, ask for Bob. Things were in place.

Oh, and side note, Tuesday night my AC in my house went out. So I added a third appointment to Thursday. I bet you can see where this is going.

So, I get up early on Thursday, head to the dealership and talk to Bob. I explain the problem and I tell him I was getting a loaner. Bob goes off somewhere, comes back, fiddles on the computer, moves some papers around; I’m getting a bad feeling. “Sir, we don’t have a rental car for you.”

“What do you mean? I called yesterday.”

“I’m sorry, no one set it up.”

I’m pissed. But I don’t erupt on Bob, I just say fuck it, I’ll come back next week. This should have been handled. Now I have yet another week without AC in my car.

Since it was still early, I decided to get my hair cut but driving by, the place didn’t open for another hour. Fuck. Then I figured I’d go grab a cup of coffee from my favorite coffee store. The line was literally from the counter to the door. FUCK.

At least the beginning of this shit day (somewhat) prepared me for the worst news of all. Yeah, the home AC is toast as well. I kinda expected that anyway, the unit is about 20 years old, but it was the shit icing on a shit cake. The shit cherry on top was the fact that the guy told me it would be a couple weeks before they could get it replaced because they are booked up. (It only turns out to be a week and a half, so I’ll live).

Fuck that Thursday.

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