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Well, the roomie (or, rather, former roomie) is just about out. Officially, Nicki has moved out. She did that last weekend.

It’s almost an odd feeling. I say almost since she still has a few things left over to pick up and I can’t fully appreciate the freedom until I get the key back. I know Nicki won’t pop in unexpectedly — hell, I’m sure of that — but, in my mind, the move won’t be fully complete until she says, “Hey, I’m done, here’s the key.”

That’s right. I said appreciate the freedom. I’ve been wanting to live alone for a while now, and I’m this *holding thumb and pointer finger really close apart* close from being roomateless. Nicki was a great roommate, and I have no complaints of her at all, but I just need, really need, to live alone. And I’m sure the same applies to her.

This is going to be the first time I’ve lived completely alone. Ever since I’ve moved out from the folk’s house, I’ve either lived with a girlfriend or roommates or both. I’m looking forward to living alone for at least a little while before I get married. Not that I’m dating. But I will not live with another woman I’m dating again. I’ve done that twice and will not do it again thank you very much.

I gotta go, now.

I gotta strip down and run around the house naked.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Aric started it, then Freak and Ace did it.

I’m lazying it up today, so here you go.

Finish the sentences:

1. I’ve come to realize that my family…
– is nuts. period. and this isn’t something I’ve “come to realize.” this is something I’ve always known. And mom or joy, if you comment with something that’s not positive about me, your comment will be deleted and your IP will be banned — meaning, you will not be allowed to comment again.

2. I am listening to…
– Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” from Musique Vol. 1.

3. I talk…
– and people hang on my every word.

4. I love…
– me. I really do.

5. My best friend…
– Jafo. If he was a female, I’d sex him.

6. My first kiss was…
– probably some chick in grade school. and probably either Missy or Dianna. Or both.

7. I lost my virginity…
– and it rocked.

8. I hate it when people…
– don’t say what they mean, then get mad at you for not reading between the lines. this is a female thing. and it’s my biggest pet peeve i have with women.

9. Love is…
– an ideal. i think i might be a pessimist on this one.

10. Marriage is…
– actually something i want to do.

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking…
– about killing someone.

12. I’ll always…
– be thankful for the changes in my life from 23 – 33.

13. I have a secret crush on…
– this chick i see in the hallways at work. smoking hot. and it’s not a crush. i just really, really want to have sex with her.

14. The last time I cried was because…
– yeah. no answer on this one.

15. My cell phone…
– is very rarely used by me. other than an alarm clock. i’m not a phone person.

16. When I wake up in the morning…
– i silently curse morning people. and by “curse,” i mean “wish death on.”

17. Before I go to sleep at night…
– i read. and listen to classic rock.

18. Right now I am thinking about…
– why i bothered to start this.

19. Babies are…
– bound to grow up to be assholes.

20. I get on myspace….
– daily

21. Today I…
– worked.

22. Tonight I will…
– clean my room. maybe do a better blog entry.

23. Tomorrow I will…
– go to get my truck veip’d and have its oil changed. then maybe a book sale. then definitely the coffee shop.

24. I really want…
– i don’t know. i’m happy. not much wants. a 360 would be nice. my basement finished would be nicer. yeah. a 360, a finished basement and new carpet throughout the house. the real thick kind. you know, the kind that feels kick ass between your toes.

25. The person who most likely to repost this is…
– no idea.

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Tonight in comedic discussion with The Lesley and Belle, I was reminded of an excellent video.

I so love this video. Be warned, it has pseudo nudity and vulgar language!

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“Stewie, my friend is down from New York and he wants to check out this abandoned mental hospital.”

That was what my friend, Zig, said to me.

“Oh yeah? Where’s it at?” I asked.

“Six miles from my house.”


That’s where I went Sunday afternoon. To an abandoned mental hospital. With camera in hand.

Always a good sign.
Yeah. Nothing to see here. Move along.

One of the buildings. Another building.
A couple of the buildings on the grounds.

A busted up door. No exit.  We are fucked. Outside door.
It seemed every single door in the joint, be it inside or out, was a doorway to hell.

Walkway to Hell Go to the light, Carol-Ann!
These two shots were from the same spot. Just opposite directions. If this were a choose your own adventure book, you were screwed no matter what.

Water Tower.
Even the water tower was hopeless.

Talk about creepy beautiful.

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