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On Sunday, the new one-sheet for a movie I reviewed came out. Fourth quote down is from my review. Fuck to the yeah.

Click the poster, it gets bigger.

Click here for more info on the film, including the trailer, or just stare at the awesome of that poster like I’ve been doing. For hours.

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I went to Midas today to get my oil changed. I was there so long,  I lost track of time. But here’s what I watched while I was waiting (in order):

  • One episode of Law & Order
  • One episode of The Closer
  • One episode of Law & Order
  • Kill Bill
  • The beginning of Kill Bill 2

I get to repeat the process next week.

This is one of those times where being single is a disadvantage. If I were dating and/or married, I would have had a ride to take me to and back. And breakfast.

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I started a tumblr page. I probably won’t update that either, but it’s got content on there now.

I am a lazy attention whore.

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Yeah, one day I’ll get back on track, but in the meantime you can win some fantastic movies over at HorrorTalk:

The Burke & Hare contest is UK only, but the other two are worldwide. Just make sure you player is region free and can play PAL discs (if outside the UK).

If you win, you have to thank me in the comments because I’m an attention whore.

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