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If I could magically fix one thing that would make driving more pleasant, it would be revoking the licenses of jackasses who use the left lane for travel instead of passing. These people are awful. And what makes it worse is they either too stupid or too ignorant to realize it is their shitty driving that is likely to cause an accident.

Anyway, I have no problem being assertive and getting up on someone who’s driving in the left lane and not passing anyone. I get at least two middle fingers and/or high-beam flashes a week because of this. But I don’t care because fuck them. If they can’t follow the rules of the road, they shouldn’t be on it.

So the other night, I was on my way home and there was a Jeep in the left lane more or less pacing the car to its right, with not a vehicle in front of it. I got on it a little bit, they got the hint, passed the car, and got over to the middle lane. Good for them.

However, as soon as I passed them with the plan to get over so those behind me could pass, the asshole did what assholes do and sped up. I simply don’t understand why people drive this way. I already know they are a shit driver from how they use the left lane; they don’t need to prove it further by speeding up so I can’t get in.

I sped up because I saw an opening a little ways up where I could just get in front of an 18-wheeler. The Jeep’s driver must have known what my plan was because they sped up too, and then jumped in the right lane. It was then I saw the headlights come on from the shoulder, and the cop car take off from it. Fuck.

Since I was sure I was going to get a ticket for speeding, I completed my goal of getting in front of the 18-wheeler in some hopes that the cop wouldn’t notice and would blow right past me. But that didn’t happen. Nor did I get pulled over. The Jeep got pulled over.

Oh how I laughed and laughed. That’s not just karma kicking in, that’s some serious Fuck You Karma. This cocksucker tried his best to not let me in, and got pulled over for it.

Hahaha. Fuck him.

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