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I’m reminded on how fucked up our leadership in this country is.

  • Extra super duper supreme is $2.80/gal here (AZ). For some reason, the mid and low grades are still right around $2.50/gal.

    But I hear ya. We spent $150 last month on gas and that was JUST driving from home to work and back again.

    This totally sucks ass. Let’s start a revolution….:p

  • HahahaHAHAHAH. your title totally shows how much of a juvenile i am. *gas* teehee. next time rephrase so there’s no mistake on what your blog is about

  • Fuckin’ communist.

  • Jodi, check w/ your dealer. Most cars don’t require supreme.

    meaty, I thought the same thing when I posted it.

    Hammer, stop posting under enchilada’s acount.

  • Yeah, whatever Stalin. I bet you like to rag on the cleanliness of nuclear waste storage facilities as well.


  • Arg.

    I wrote a really long message, and then it was lost. As if the republicans took it!

    LOL @ Hammerchilada.

  • Think yourselves lucky, we pay over $6 a gallon for regular petrol in the UK.

    Whingeing fucking yanks.


  • Crap. I work a whole 5 miles from work. Even if I didn’t go anywhere else, I’d STILL need to fill up every THREE WEEKS or so!!


    Karma’s going to come back and force me to take a job where I have to drive a long distance, isn’t it? Or force me to move far away.

  • You’re invited to move over here and buy gas at €1.2 for quarter of a gallon.

  • How is the public transport there?

    Because here, it sucks.

  • Excellent, punctual, and clean.

  • Not the case in the States.

    There are some major cities with shitty public transportation.

    If we had better PT, I’d be less inclined to bitch about the price of gas.

  • In my opinion, a lot of people seem to forget that driving is a priviledge and NOT a right. You wanna drive? Pay for the gas and shut up…

    MILK still costs more per gallon that gas does…

    Wrap your mind around that.

  • Give me a fucking break. That is the lamest goddamn argument and I roll my eyes everytime I hear it.

    It’s a priviledge to pay my mortgage?

    It’s a priviledge to buy food?

    It’s a priviledge to have electricity?


    I have those things because I work for them and my job requires me to be at an office since I don’t work from home.

    Take that lame ass excuse to someone who will buy it.

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  • In my opinion, a lot of people seem to forget that driving is a priviledge and NOT a right. You wanna drive? Pay for the gas and shut up…

    MILK still costs more per gallon that gas does…

    Wrap your mind around that.

    What the hell?

    Are you fucking stupid?

    Milk costs me $2.39 a gallon. Gas costs me $2.89 a gallon. Not only is your analogy a tired cliche, it hasn’t been accurate since 2002!

    Wrap your mind around that!

    Normally, Ol’ LFH doesn’t take the time to thwart interweb idiots (he’d never get away from the desk!) but in this case, I need to make an exception.

    Jody Queen Bee of absolutely nothing, are you so wrapped up in your own little selfish world that you have no clue about how commerce works? Maybe a soccer mom wannabe like yourself can give or take driving; although somehow I doubt that. You strike me as the type to drive 3 blocks to the minimart. I digress.

    The entire free world runs on petroleum. This is not a privelage, this is a fact. As the price of petroleum rises, so does everything else in the free world. It doesn’t go up at the same rate as petroleum, it raises at much higher rates. If a gallon of gas goes up by 10%, then most other things go up 15-20%.

    It’s not just what your sorry ass is paying at the pump, it’s what we all end up paying for everything else! The economy is connected, no aspect of it is an island.

    As for driving as a privelage, give LFH a break! Tell that to the majority of Americans who live rurally where there are no buses, but work in the city. There are no jobs where they live, and no affordable housing where they work, and no public transportation between the two.

    Unless you live, work and shop within the same 8 block radius, you are part of the problem.

    You are a sad, ignorant woman. LFH feels sorry for you.

    Peace out!


  • And even if milk cost more than gas per gallon, who the hell buys 40 gallons of milk a week?

    Not Ol’ LFH!

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