Okay, babies (and children in general) pretty much suck, but holy hell if this didn’t make me laugh.


😆 😆 😆

  • lesleygirl


    Oh wait, I mean… that is funny as hell!

  • Mr. J

    Ummmm, shouldn't the be wearing helmest and knee pads.

    Maybe they don't need them, maybe that is some awesome water.


  • I don't buy bottled water, but if it would make me bust skate groves like that, I would.

  • lesleygirl

    I hate because I care, Stewie.

  • fnordboy

    Humiliating yourself on BPR wasn't enough. You needed to further do so on your blog. : shake :

    Atleast elwhoppo thinks you're funny.

  • The elwhoppo comment is completely unnecessary and hateful.

  • fnordboy

    And yet the most truthful statement on this blog.

    You mean you are not honored to be among the ranks of TGM?

  • I told TGM that his kids were useless no talents after watching that video.

    I think Spez's comment about retarded turtles is closer to the truth, though.