You are Ash, from the “Evil Dead”
trilogy. My hero.

Which Horror Movie Character Are You? (Many Options)
brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah, dammit, I get lazy.

I’m still Ash, though.

  • It said, “You are Regan, from the Exorcist. You freak.”

    It said my name!! It said my name!! It MUST be true!!

  • Awesome!

  • ahhhh! i got mari collingwood from last house on the left. i’m going to cry.

  • freak, i’m shocked. no. i am. 🙂

    renaldo, yes i am, thank you.

    meaty, the irony there is hilarious.

  • I forgot the mandatory fanboi comment.

  • Anonymous

    You are Severen, from “Near Dark.” You’re a blood-sucking freak.

    Hey Freak – it said your name in mine too! It must run in the family!

    Freak’s Mom

  • Yeah, I got the Severen too. I saw Near Dark, but I don’t remember who that was.

    And Nicki–it’s pretty bad when even a computer can tell you’re nutty. I think it saw your picture…

  • I too am Regan, and damnit! Don’t call me freak! 😉

  • I too am Regan, and damnit! Don’t call me freak! 😉

    I smell a new cosplay costume coming on!

  • Severen was bad ass.

    It was the Bill Paxton character. Nutty as all hell.

    Not that I’m saying F’s mom is nutty. I’m just saying that character was.

    shocking that fnord would be a little girl.

    lol at renaldo.

  • Anonymous

    Severen for me too. I wanted to be Sadako!!

    GG x

  • uh, am i the only one who got norman bates? Can’t be, cause my mom says im normal

  • GG, rest assured, you are a bad ass. Much cooler than Sadako.

    Quirky, yes. Yes you are. 🙂

  • Ash rules..

    However – I’m Carol Ann


  • Hey norm! Carol Ann was a little freak. Don’t be so sad.