I read a news article today that looting has already started in Louisiana.


And it’s not (just) food, water, medicine — you know, the necessities.

It’s tvs, vcrs, clothes.

Fucking animals.

I remember when a bad tornado ripped throw the town where my sister lives and she called and told me people were looting within the hour after the tornado hit.

Again. Unfuckingbelievable. Here is this small town utterly destroyed by a tornado and the first thing some people want to do is rip someone off.

What kind of person looks at a tragedy like this and thinks, “Hey, since everyone is gone, I can act like an animal.”

And that’s what these looters are. Animals.

I hope the police and the national guard start taking shots at these pieces of trash. Not to kill, mind you (if an accident happens, so be it), but enough to take out a knee or something.

It would be fitting.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Unfortunately that’s just the beginning. Based on what happened after the storms here last year, the next bunch of assholes will be charging exorbitant prices for necessities. Then when the cleanup and rebuilding starts there will be the “contractors” who take money from people who have already been victimized and leave town without doing any repairs. It makes you want to do things to them that are not cool.
    Freak’s Mom

  • Oh yeh. Here in Texas, “he needed shooting” is still a valid defense. BLAM!!


  • Does that mean I’m wrong for liking that Sublime song about looting? He makes some valid points in that song. …… i think.

  • Mom – Excellent point. I didn’t even take those bastards into consideration, when I should have.

    Plus, apparently, Gas station owners suck, too. Reports of $6 a gallon in Georgia have been coming in.

    I hope their gas station blows up.

    Norman – Indeed. Now if y’all can give us a better president besides this idiot in office, we’re all good. 🙂

    Freak – Sublime is always good.

  • yeah looters suck…but shit if im walking, hehe excuse SWIMMING along in the big easy and i see a broken window with a psp…well thats my psp.

    We’ve ALL been screwed by the government and insurance companies in our lives…a little fuck-back isn’t a big deal.

    Also keep in mind, you can’t escape Ockham’s Razor, the big easy has NEVER been the safest city for crime flooded or not

    Prior to this tragedy i have suggested trading the whole city to mexico in exchange for Tijuana and future considerations.

  • It’s easier to take care of a dead looter than a wounded one.

  • Chuk Hell

    Hey Stever,

    You may want to post this over on the board. I would, but….you know.



    ( post a link to that blog too maybe)

    The following is the result of an interview I just conducted via cell phone with a New Orleans citizen stranded at the Convention Center. I don’t know what you’re hearing in the mainstream media or in the press conferences from the city and state officials, but here is the truth:

    “Bigfoot” is a bar manager and DJ on Bourbon Street, and is a local personality and icon in the city. He is a lifelong resident of the city, born and raised. He rode out the storm itself in the Iberville Projects because he knew he would be above any flood waters. Here is his story as told to me moments ago. I took notes while he talked and then I asked some questions:

    Three days ago, police and national guard troops told citizens to head toward the Crescent City Connection Bridge to await transportation out of the area. The citizens trekked over to the Convention Center and waited for the buses which they were told would take them to Houston or Alabama or somewhere else, out of this area.

    It’s been 3 days, and the buses have yet to appear.

    Although obviously he has no exact count, he estimates more than 10,000 people are packed into and around and outside the convention center still waiting for the buses. They had no food, no water, and no medicine for the last three days, until today, when the National Guard drove over the bridge above them, and tossed out supplies over the side crashing down to the ground below. Much of the supplies were destroyed from the drop. Many people tried to catch the supplies to protect them before they hit the ground. Some offered to walk all the way around up the bridge and bring the supplies down, but any attempt to approach the police or national guard resulted in weapons being aimed at them.

    There are many infants and elderly people among them, as well as many people who were injured jumping out of windows to escape flood water and the like — all of them in dire straights.

    Any attempt to flag down police results in being told to get away at gunpoint. Hour after hour they watch buses pass by filled with people from other areas. Tensions are very high, and there has been at least one murder and several fights. 8 or 9 dead people have been stored in a freezer in the area, and 2 of these dead people are kids.

    The people are so desperate that they’re doing anything they can think of to impress the authorities enough to bring some buses. These things include standing in single file lines with the eldery in front, women and children next; sweeping up the area and cleaning the windows and anything else that would show the people are not barbarians.

    The buses never stop.

    Before the supplies were pitched off the bridge today, people had to break into buildings in the area to try to find food and water for their families. There was not enough. This spurred many families to break into cars to try to escape the city. There was no police response to the auto thefts until the mob reached the rich area — Saulet Condos — once they tried to get cars from there… well then the whole swat teams began showing up with rifles pointed. Snipers got on the roof and told people to get back.

    He reports that the conditions are horrendous. Heat, mosquitoes and utter misery. The smell, he says, is “horrific.”

    He says it’s the slowest mandatory evacuation ever, and he wants to know why they were told to go to the Convention Center area in the first place; furthermore, he reports that many of them with cell phones have contacts willing to come rescue them, but people are not being allowed through to pick them up.

    I have “Bigfoot”‘s phone number and will gladly give it to any city or state official who would like to tell him how everything is under control.

    Addendum: Bigfoot just called to report that “they” (the authorities) are cleaning up the dead bodies at the Convention Center right now.

    That is inexcuseable.

    people are dropping like flies. Meanwhile heavily armed gangs and thugs are raping…killing…or raping and killing.

    This is a worse disaster than Sept. 11. Please, give what you can to the Red Cross and any food/clothes drives.

    Assuming, of course, the shit-for-brains government/’authorities” will ever let the relief in!

    My heart is tearing apart now. I still have people there unaccounted for. 2 of our friends are on the I-10 bridge but they won’t let them on the busses because they have their dogs with them.

    New Orleans has become hell on earth.

  • I totally agree with you and Freak’s Mom, Stew.

    Fucktards. I hope their gas stations blow up too and that the looters get electrocuted when they plug in those new DVD players they stole.

    It’s times like this that I am SO happy I live in the very arrid, very flat, very much above sea level DESERT that is very much NOT in Hurricane Alley!!!!!! {:-(

  • Looting is bad enough, but there are also assholes down there shooting at rescue workers. One or more snipers shooting at hospital personnel trying to evacuate critically ill patents.

    How the hell do you even begin to explain that? I hope to hell that some National Guardsman puts a bullet right between his or her brain. No trial. No jury.

    I used to live in NO; half my family is from there, and thankfully just about everyone is accounted for. But one of my 2nd cousins said yesterday that the looters burned down the mall, and that houses are being broken into now that the supermarkets have all been cleaned out.

    So…what of all of that disaster planning that Mr. President was elected on? Because they should have EXPECTED this and had the National Guard out en masse at the beginning. Not after all hell has broken loose. They should have known. I hate to agree with Newt “I left my wife between chemo treatments” Gingrich, but I do on this:

    “I think it puts into question all of the Homeland Security and Northern Command planning for the last four years, because if we can’t respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we’re prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?”

    The media needs to stop focusing on the looters and shooters and needs to focus on the people who aren’t getting help because of the ineptitude of our ‘leaders’.

  • chuk – Awesome, awesome post. Not awesome in a good way, just thought provoking.

    This is obviously a trickle effect from the shootings.

    Goddammit this pisses me off. This is a trickle effect from the shootings going on and EVERYONE is suffering.

    Posted as requested. Stay strong, bro. I hope your friends are okay.

    Mero – That Newt quote says it all. Thank you for the heads up. It’s appreciated. 🙂

  • Ack!

    I meant to add…

    I’m glad your family is okay, Mero.

  • Thanks. They’re all here now…