• “It's free. Just pay the farmers.”


  • “It's free. Just pay the farmers.”


  • I also like the love for Dubya. That made me smile.

  • What the hell is she talking about? Seriously.

  • That's West Coast representing, son. *throws up gang signs*

  • That's West Coast representin', son. *throws up gang signs*

  • Carrie Doto

    I'm speechless. I can't believe I could have been taking advantage of the slave economy we have on the East coast. I guess I need to pay more attention to current events. 😉

  • aricblue

    She's gonna make a really great stripper in a couple of years.(you know, when she finds out she's too stupid to succeed at anything else…)

  • Right! WTF! I live fairly close to New York and I had no clue there was a big slave trade.

  • “We need the food because it's food and stuff.”

    Oh, Jeebus…

    I need to stop watching this video already.