Nickelback’s got a new CD coming out (yeah, yeah all their songs sound the same blahblahblahgetyblah).

Anyway, the’ve been playing Photograph on XM radio a lot and, like most Nickelback’s songs, I dig it.

There’s one line in it that cracks me up…

Kim’s the first girl I kissed
I was so nervous that I nearly missed

It cracks me up because it’s so true. For me, anyway.

That’s how I felt when I went in for my first kiss.

But her name wasn’t Kim.

  • So what was her name? You gonna give us the details of your first kiss!? Spill it!


  • Ha.


    I can’t remember her last name, but it wasn’t Amos or Spelling.

    And she ended up being on the front page of the local paper a couple years later for being a crackhead.

    Go figure.

  • heeheeheee..

    just how badly do you kiss to turn a girl into a crackhead!?

    LOL! I couldn’t resist that!!


  • Was it Tori or Terrence? Be honest.

  • Wait… It was TOM wasn’t it?!?!! ZOMG!!!111!!! Was this at HF?!!?!?!!11111////1/1/1/1/

  • This doesn’t seem to be a very popular entry. 🙁

    We need more tales of bus stop molestation. You raised expectations and now we want tawdry.

  • Norman, I have no idea how bad it was, but my sister made fun of me for years.

    Renaldo, yes, it was Ron and yes, this was a lazy entry.

    Stop throwing it in my face. :*(

  • I’m confused. How do you “almost miss” when you go to kiss someone?

    Do you close your eyes before you even start moving in and not notice she’s moved away? Do you stick your tongue out before you even feel her lips and lick the side of her face? Seriously. I can see being uncoordinated with each other, but not missing.

  • I can’t explain it.

    But I get exactly what he is saying.