I just saw the trailer for Dead Hunt.

Dead Hunt is the movie I worked on last winter. I helped do setups, I did some (very little) sound, I got my cool ideas shot down by Joe (the director) and I get a bit part (until it’s cut).

And I learned a fuck of a lot about low-budget movie making.

My buddy Ace wrote it, Timewarp filmed it and I just saw the trailer for it.

I can’t wait until this damn thing comes out.

Hell yeah.

  • Hey, don’t get too excited. It’s easy to make a good trailer for a crappy movie.

    You saw that FOC trailer, didn’t you? Wow, that movie actually looked good…

  • And you’re not posting a LINK to the trailer? WTF?!

    Or is this another one of those serials where you leave us hanging for 9 or 10 episodes?

  • lol.

    No trailers for the peasents.

    TOP SECRET!!111!11 ZOMG!1111!!!!

  • So it is so bad they are even keeping the trailer secret…hmmm.

  • That’s what I’m thinking.

    Me and you should make a trailer and not show anybody.

  • Me and you should make a trailer and not show anybody.

    Doesn’t count if nobody wants to see it.

  • Me and Freak just made a trailer. It is awesome. Too bad you won’t get to see it, h8er.

  • Trailers lie. Show me the movie.

  • We wouldn’t want to make you cry because our movie is so totally awesome and you weren’t a part of it.

    We’re thoughtful and considerate like that.