For those that liked the new look of the blog yesterday, and mentioned it, much thanks.

It will get back to that, but there were too many problems with the template I was using.

Thanks to shiki for helping me with what has turned out to be a big pain in the ass.

  • Seems to be working now.

  • Thanks for your help last night in the wee hours.

    banana dance.

  • Are those faces of the people who’ve seen you naked?


  • aricblue

    Uh…I posted yesterday but I don’t see the post. You font is still, like, microscopic. Finding the actual thing to push to respond(you have to push the tiny number and then “Responses from the haters” pops up) ain’t all that cool.

    Shiki needs to do some work! And now I gotta type a name when I post?

  • Freak – yes, you can see by the look of fear.

    Aric, stop acting like a bitch.

  • Aric, the font is normal sized and always had been.

    Come in for a check up ASAP.

  • Remind me to take that picture off the banner from his favorite frightening movie.


    He can’t see it, anyway.

  • Ace

    A little tough to read for my bad eyes, but otherwise I really dig the look.

    Aw hell, I sided with Aric on this one, didn’t I?

    It’s not really the size of the font so much as the color-on-color stuff that’s hard for me to read sometimes.

    Otherwise, kick ass. I really like it. Except it’s complicated.

  • What’s complicated?

  • I like it. Really. No joke. It’s quite original.

  • THANK YOU! 🙂

  • kewl.

    At least I can leave comments now!


  • I like it. Really. No joke. It’s quite original.

    Except that it looks just like my blog, aside from the complicated graphic at the top.

  • What blog would that be, Renaldo?

    The one you never update?

  • Thank you Renaldo… exactly what I told him when he was going crazy trying to figure this clusterfuck out.

    The other blogger template could have been easily altered to look like this.

  • But finally getting this clusterfuck working was well worth it.

    It’s all about the process, of which you were part of.

    It’s like we bonded.


  • Ace

    What’s complicated?

    I was having trouble leaving comments. And everything moved around. But now I think it’s better.

  • Comments are now highlighted.

  • Renaldo

    I really don’t like the way comments are done now. It doesn’t even have an option for me to log in. This is bullshit.