I’m a sucker for limited edition books. I’ve probably dropped at least $500 on limiteds this year.

Now, five hundred over the course of a year may not sound like much, but considering that five hundred got me about eight to ten books, well, there you go.

Now, since I’m a sucker for limited editions AND a sucker for Stephen King, how could I resist an exclusive King title from Cemetery Dance?

I didn’t splurge on the $3500 edition, nor did I grab the $750 one.

But I thought the $75 edition was right up my alley.

If you read, support Cemetery Dance. Best deals and best customer service I’ve ever had.

  • Hey, atleast you didn’t pay 3500 or 750 dollars for crap. You only blew $75 on hack material. 😉

    Seriously though, what was the difference between editions?

  • Signed and number of copies.

    I think there were only like 17 of the 3500 edition

  • I’m still thinking too much about that asbestos-bound Firestarter that I could have swiped and so I can’t think of a comment. Damn.

  • Now I don’t feel so bad about how much I paid for those Billy Squier cds.

  • Lesley – See, now you are relegated to simple ex-girlfriend instead of the better title of “that fucking bitch ex-girlfriend of mine.” You could have been something so much more, and it’s something you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life.

    Freak – As well you shouldn’t. I happily paid that $75, and I will proceed to treat it like the rest of my books–tattered, torn, well read and loved. Limited shlimited. I just want the book.

    Okay, maybe I won’t do that. I’ll covet it like an asbestos-bound Firestarter that I will lock in a safe anytime that Lesley is in the area.

  • You know, you say things like that and now I want to go track down this guy and steal his fucking book. Which would make me dangerously close to becoming the female equivalent of that guy.

    Although, I still think he deserves it. He was CheaterGuy.

  • Oh! He was CheaterGuy! See, now that’s completely different ball game.

    It doesn’t matter if it may look petty, since time has passed, because I think the book is worth it.

    And the beauty of it is you would immediately be promoted to “TFBE-GOM.”

    How sweet is that?

  • How can I argue with that logic?

    He lives about 6 hours away. And I am about 3 beers away from being talked into this little stalker-book-stealing road trip. Yikes.

  • If he has a limited edition of The Stand, I’m driving!

  • He definitely had some others, I can’t remember if The Stand was among them.

    I’ll bring the duct tape.

  • Ace

    Hey, count me in on the roadtrip. I’m Mr. Mayhem!

    Even if I missed the story, I’m sure he deserves it, whoever he is. With a name like CheaterGuy, I’m think that’s an obvious one. Like an ex-friend of mine had an ex- she called Psycho Boy.

  • I’m mostly responding in order to further hijack Stewie’s blog.

    CheaterGuy is not just a clever moniker. He was in fact a cheater. And he tried using 9/11 as his excuse. I gladly made him suffer.

    Is it wrong that in the past week I’ve gone on Mapquest to figure out how to get to his house? I really want that fucking book now!

    Okay, end of hijack. You can have your blog back now, Stewie. 🙂

  • Ace

    And here I just got through the lesson on picking pin tumbler locks in my course…

  • Oh good! I’ll grab the night vision goggles from my stalker kit! Mwahahahahah!!!

    See that, Stewie? STILL HIJACKING YOUR BLOG! Come on, you know you love it!!!