Finally scanned up the picture from right before we got on the boat. This picture speaks volumes of my family.

  • Lesleygirl

    Why is Earl, Jr carrying a murse?

  • Joy made him. Or I made him for Joy.

    I’m particularly fond of the love bite on his neck.

  • Snooze

    Love it! You and your dad have the same kick-ass look. Love the fact you actually posted again.

  • K’

    You Americans are always stylin on us Euros. That goose shirt is bitchin.

  • Don’t hate! I know you are mad jealous of my Slaughtered Lamb shirt!

  • Haha! I get that a lot. I desperately need to post more. Congrats again, lady. It seems as you are in a happy happy place and that’s very cool.

  • That’s love right there.

  • I can’t wait until your and Monica’s family pictures. I suspect they will be fantastic.