I had to work today to test our disaster recovery process.

On Friday, my two co-workers and I were discussing the process. To put faces to the co-workers, refer to the last blog entry. As stated before, I’m the guy in blue.

“Who’s going to let us in the building?” I asked. (The recovery center is off-site for obvious reasons).

“They got a guy coming in to let us in,” answered Boombox.

“We don’t have to fucking talk to him, do we?” I asked.

“What difference does it make?” Boombox said.

I said, “Cause I don’t want anymore friends. I got enough friends.”

“You don’t have any friends,” said White Shirt.

“Exactly,” I replied. “And that’s too damn many.”

  • I’m writing a comment because I felt sorry for this blog, having ZERO comments and all. Like the poor blog had no friends. Kind of like you.

    “No friends” is a good thing in Bizarro World. I forgot.


  • I thought I was one of two friends you have. I guess I’m not. My feelings are hurt.

    Oh, wait. I don’t have any.

    Rock on, brother!

  • It might be a pity post. I forgot you prefer teh pity cyber sex instead.

  • you know… i keep coming back to this post trying to think of something ‘witty’ to write.. but I keep thinking ‘…nah…’

    So I’m not posting this… ok? Because you have no friends… so this isn’t a post. OK?

  • I love you all.

  • Ace

    We love you, too?

  • Does this mean we have to hug you?

  • You guys can go to hell if you think I’m hugging any of yous.


    I said “yous.”

  • So once we’re in hell, then we get the hug? Grabass too?