About 10:00 today, an email came in from one of my co-workers in another office looking for an Outlook fix.

Unfortunately, I was tied up helping some other users and I didn’t get to him in a timely manner.

About 3:00 today, an email came in from the same co-worker that said, “What? No love for this office?”

My reply:


I’m forwarding this to Trudy because we don’t, in fact, like you. Much less love you.

Maybe Trudy likes you enough to help you out.

Thanks Trudy!!!


5 minutes later, I got his reply:

I’m not just a member, I’m the fucking President.

  • Ace

    What an unflattering angle he drew you from.

    And is it just me, or are these damn comment-real-person-words getting harder to discern?

  • LOL!

    That’s hilarious!

    As for the word verification: I scrolled down before typed my message. The first three letters are:


    Did you program that??!!


  • For me, I’m having a hard time differentiating between vv and w in the word verifications. wtf!

  • OMG. That made me laugh out loud.


    That is awesome.

  • Ace – There’s an option in blogger on how difficult you want the word verification. I ticked “impossibly hard.”

    Norman – If I had programmed it, there would have been another “u.” 🙂

    aric – don’t you mean vvtf?

    freak – I live to make others laugh at my expense.

  • “…from the Garden State” was all you really needed.

    The other stuff they don’t care about.

  • I never get the word verification right on the first try. I can’t believe I’m admitting to that.

    The words are supposed to be Lesley-proof, I think.

    Either that or they hate short, pudgy, Irish-Italian, left-handed, snarky, Volkswagen-driving girls from the Garden State.

  • Ok. That’s curious!

    Stewie is paraphrasing Lesley in the comments, only he’s quoting her BEFORE she said it. (His comment is before hers)

    Are you two telepathic?? You know, those cutsey folks who always finish each others sentences??


  • I think the last thing you could call either me or Stewie is “cutsey”. Stewie, I know you don’t mind my speaking for you here.

    The explanation is simple: Bizarro World.

  • Wonder Twin powers…


  • now i’m going to call ya’ll cutsey just because i can tell you hate it!!