I particularly like the pink S&M room…

Knitting done cool…




There are more wonderful ideas here. I particularly like the pink S&M room. It manages to be fucked up, yet keep its femininity. That’s always good.

I straight ripped this from Lesley’s blog. Something I hate myself for doing, but, dammit, how could I not?

  • Stewie, don’t hate yourself. That’s our job. And you used the wrong its/it’s, jackass.

    I would comment more but I’m busy knitting some pink S&M gear and I need to free my hands to work the needles. So I can shackle them later in pink.

  • I fixed that damn its. Ace catches that shit for me in my reviews.

    There are some little S&M masks for children for the cold weather season, but I forgot the link.

  • Little S&M masks for little people? Little Village People, maybe.

    Although it’s prolly good for kids to figure out early on if they’re doms or subs. I’m just saying.

  • The monkey rowing on the banana is the best one, I think. I know there’s at least one other person who will agree with me.

  • I don’t know what to say. But I do love bloody puppets. Who doesn’t?

  • Lesley – exactly, but sometimes that will change. Early on, I wanted to be a sub, but now it’s all dom for me.

    Renaldo – I’m surprised that person hasn’t agreed yet.

    Aric – I think everyone should.

  • Ace