This is a video of a kid playing XBox online and yelling at his mom for chocolate milk.

This is why corporal punishment is necessary.

On a side note, what game is that?

  • I think my husband has that game, and strangely enough – that’s about how bitchy he sounds if you ask him to do something when he’s playing it.

  • I get like that when the roomie talks to me during a game.

    It’s a man thing.

  • Would it weird you out that I know it’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six that he’s playing? And it’s a cool game, but nothing compared to Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

    And I can still hear that little kid whining–I seriously would pick up his Xbox and smash it to pieces and tell him that he’s next if he doesn’t shut his little mouth.

  • Thanks, aric.

    I think I might have that for ps2.

  • Geezus…

    I think I’d strangle that kid. No, I know I would strangle that kid. It would be funny, if it wasn’t real and there weren’t millions of households across the country that let their kids control what’s going on.

    I can see his point though, some mother fuckin’ chocolate milk sounds pretty good right about now. And Mt. Dew is bullshit.