…I’m addicted to it.

  • Wow. She’s got nice…. fingernails?

    Thanks for the opinion, btw.

  • She’s also got real big boobs. I’m surprised you missed them. They are bouncing all over the place.

    And no problem at all. I admit that part of it was selfish reasons. I know the comments would have pissed me off because they would have been generalized. 🙂

  • ok… I’m giving the following link to people I think would enjoy it!


    Can you tell the difference between a serial killer & a computer geek?? HILARIOUS!

  • Goddamnit, I told that bitch to stop shakin’ her shit all over. That’s the future Mrs. Aric Blue.

  • You can see more of her at:


  • aric – I’ll be over your house every damn day.

    renaldo – you, sir, are a true friend.

  • OK. I’m tired of seeing the bouncing girl. Can you put up a man now? (for the viewing pleasure of your female bloggers)


  • no way, norman.

    I’m a selfish bastard.

    No half naked men on THIS blog!