Yeah, if you are viewing this in IE, it’s all fucked up.

It seemingly just happened as I have not modded the template in weeks.

It works fine in firefox, though.

Changes to fix it are coming soon.

  • Ace

    You may have posted something too wide. That happened when I put up the results of some survey I took – it bumped my right-rail down below the text and threw everything off. I wish I knew more about tech, I could explain better, but I just messed around with the coding on the survey results and made them narrower. Maybe it’s those pics?

  • I still think it’s that Microsoft hates Ginger Snaps. Inexplicably.


  • As if there are enough readers of this blog that you would have to worry about multiple browsers!

  • ace – that was my first thought, but the banner is messed up, too. they were doing upgrades on blogger this weekend and i’m wondering if that was it.

    lesley – as i said, bill gates doesn’t care about werewolves. 🙁

    renaldo – that made me cry.

  • 🙁 Sorry big guy!

    You are smart and handsome.

  • Looks fine to me.

    Then again, I’m in Firefox.

    Excuse me while I go sit in the corner and shut my mouth.

  • My hubby said to tell you about something called “padding”?

    I dunno.


  • Yeah, I messed with the padding all day.

    The problem is, I can make it look right in Firefox, but it doesn’t look right in IE.

    I make it look right in IE, it messes up in firefox.

    I swear I think something was done this weekend, because the other blog I have has the same settings, but no issues.

    It will be fixed soon enough.

  • Rosie

    I thought this blog was going to be about annoying people who use “i.e.” when they actually mean “e.g.”. I was a bit disappointed when I read this instead. A day late. Because i’ve got IE and it didn’t work yesterday.

  • Sadly, I think I am one of those annoying people. 🙁

  • Ace

    I noticed Safari (the Mac browser I use) started having an odd window when I post – it’s different from before, like missing some of the features – but they’re there on IE. So maybe they did change something.