Thanksgiving was two days ago, so that naturally means I bought a bunch of shit I didn’t need on Black Friday. Except I bought most of it on Thanksgiving day because of competition I imagine, Black Friday now happens on Thursday.

Since my family has decided not to buy anyone anything for Christmas (another blog to come, hopefully) with the exception of Jax, my grandnephew, most of the purchases were about me. They were mostly Blu-rays, but I did score a sweet gift for Jax, a memory card for my Kindle Fire, and some Blu-rays. Did I say I got some Blu-rays?

I didn’t need the memory card just yet (although I suspect I’d need it at some point), I purchased it now because I need to reset the Fire to factory settings. I have a bunch of books that I didn’t purchase from Amazon on there, so I figured I’d just move them over to the card so I wouldn’t have to transfer them from the PC again. (If you have a Kindle or Kindle Fire, Calibre is an absolute must. I purchased the app.) I need to reset the Fire because I sideloaded the Play store on it, and I updated the Kindle Reader against my better judgement. Now the reader as acting goofy. Thank god I didn’t mess with the firmware on it.

On another note (but related to reading), I’ve been considering making my never-updated book blog a straight up site for eBook deals. A major problem will be the site’s address (, but I can’t be assed to change that, and if people can’t be bothered to make one click to add it to favorites, I’ll live. I’m thinking to link it from HorrorTalk’s front page. I don’t know yet. It’s just more work and I’m struggling to write something on this often.

One thing at a time.

If you like to read, make sure to follow StoryBundle and HumbleBundle (this one does comics and games, too). They have great book bundles for dirt cheap. I can’t recommend these highly enough. I’ve bought more than my share from each. And StoryBundle offers the opportunity to donate a portion of your money to a charity of your choice.

And completely unrelated, I was revisiting Ozzy Osbourne’s No More Tears album today. I forgot how much I dug it.

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