Got an email this morning from a co-worker.

He said he saw my buddy Roman and I on the news that morning.

I deleted the email. Whatever.

He called me about an hour later and said, “You think I was lying?”

Come to find out, there was a blurb on this morning’s news about DC’s smoking ban that went into effect today, and they had some footage of people smoking.

And, yeah, I’m on there.

Since I didn’t sign a release, I think I’m gonna sue.

How many people get to be on TV on their birthday?

I’ll tell you how many: Only the cool ones.


(special thanks to shiki for grabbing the video for me)

  • Happy Belated B-day. I was playing Eve-Online yesterday and I saw someone named Stewie. I just figure its something else to sue over. Enjoy the new found cash

  • Carrie

    Does the birthday tv appearance count if it’s because you’ve taken hostages? Or does it have to be luck of the draw?

  • Thanks Greg! I’m writing these things down, you know. Anyone who brings me these sorts of things gets a cut.

    Carrie, Lord, that was funny as hell. Now I have something to plan for next year. I’ll make it a theme.

  • ZOMG! Stewie is teh fam0us!!!!11!111!!uno!!!111!!

    Those news people will be first among those who will one day rue. Oh yes, they will RUE THE DAY!

  • Happy belated b’day 😉

    U really are better than a whole lotta other ppl…u proved this by ur TV appearance on ur b’day!! 🙂

  • Lesley, yes, yes I am. Now all I need is people to do my bidding.

    Hotdudi, you are my new favorite person. You get it!

  • Telling everyone you were on TV, telling everyone it’s your birthday. You attention whore.

  • Ace


    Nice try not cracking up on camera.

  • freak, yes i am.

    ace, thanks! honestly i don’t even remember them filming. i deduced it was last summer because of my sideburns.

  • Ace

    You’re officially what we journalists call “file footage.” Congrats!