I was looking at pics of belly dancers tonight because, let’s face it, belly dancers are hot.

I came across Irina’s page.

It’s not really her “page” page, but more of an ad. Because, apparently, you can hire Irina.

For $700 (US) a month.

A month!!!!

Holy God. I got some taxes coming back. I’m wondering if I can get a price break if I pay for three months up front. But, hell, even if I don’t that’s cool.

No phone calls or visits for the next three months, kids. I’m gonna have an on-call belly dancer. I want no disturbances.

Dancing queen!

  • A certain SINner may get jealous, ya know…

    I’m just saying.

  • Lesley, don’t you worry about that. Stewie doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself, so it would make no difference in Stewie Land.

  • Lesley – HA! I fear no one. Okay, maybe I do. I better watch myself.

    Freak – Right the fuck on.

  • That is quite the bargain and a brilliant way of planning to use your tax refund.

  • Irina!?! Really!?! Is she just gonna dance for u!?! Cos get me a ticket & I’ll damn well dance for u!!! At least I’m authentic!!! Hehehe!!!

  • Ace

    I didn’t see any rates, but it would be cool to be followed around constantly by a belly-dancer, methinks.

    Like Lewis Black talking about how he’d spend his money if he were one of those CEOs who stole $100 million. Or the guy on the commercial with his own theme song.

  • hmm…. belly dancers. Not seein’ it.

    The only reason is because my mom took belly dancing lessons before,and I do NOT see it as a sexy thing!!! LOL

    EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! THE VISUAL THE VISUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i wonder if they honor coupons?

  • Snooze, thanks! I think I may go for it.

    Hotdudi – Next time you are in the States, give me a ring. Something can be arranged, I’m sure. 🙂

    Ace – Try this: http://www.risingstars.com.ua/dancers2.shtml

    Norman – Hence why I won’t let any woman “set me up” because I don’t trust women in thinking they know what I want. 😀

    Greg – Good call! You have any?