If it was so bad, Nicki, you should have turned over to your deaf side.

You didn’t have to send in a postcard to PostSecret.

And, FWIW, if I had known, I would have been louder.


  • bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha. best. postcard. ever.

    and Stewie? perhaps you could audioblog your next self-love moment. Why should Nicki be the only one to benefit?

  • I heard you as well, but I wasn’t going to say anything. Well done though.

  • Dear Nicki…

    You can move to my house to escape the PERVERTED MADMAN that you share a house with. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about hearing masturbation. (I can’t guarantee any other noises tho)


  • I hear you making noises in the shower. I just tell myself I make the same noises when I’m not doing anything in the shower.

    Doesn’t always work.

    Gets my ass out of bed and downstairs, though.

  • Snooze, that is a FINE idea. I shall take it into consideration!

    Greg, thanks. Sometimes I go for broke. Glad people are paying attention.

    Norman, I do not run around naked when she’s home.

    Freak, oddly, the shower is the only place I don’t do it. Read that again. Now think about it. Sleep well.