A bad ass representation of me done by eblu.

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  • Talented friends like that are gold. I think mine would only be able to draw me as a stick person. But, all my friends are able to pour me a nice, stiff drink, so I keep them around anyhow.

  • What the hell’s up with them tiny assed ears?

  • I just like the fantasy aspect of the drawing where he made you look all tough and mean. We all know you are nowhere near as butch as that. 🙂

  • I must admit…I’m glad it’s a characature (is that how u spell it!?!) drawing & not a real pic of u stewie! I’m with Freak…just look at those ears!!! 😛

  • faboo representation of you. i can attest to the resemblance.

  • Snooze – good enough reason as any!

    Freakand Hot – I can hear into the future with those. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE SIZE!!11!!!!!

    fnord – I am butch! I am! I am!

  • Damn skippy, norman!

  • Add the FBI’s most wanted title, and you’ve got yourself a winner