I need to get back on the horse…

I need to get back on the horse and start blogging regularly again. I don’t know why I’ve slowed down, I just know I need to pick it back up.

And, to make it worse, I’m giving you fluff, today. I’ll try to make it entertaining.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:

  1. Sub maker
  2. Pizza maker
  3. Retail manager
  4. IT

Four movies you’d watch over and over:

  1. Heat
  2. Dawn of the Dead (’78 version, bitches)
  3. American History X
  4. Chasing Amy (although I tend to fast forward that scene at the end. Ugh.)

Four places you have lived:

  1. Dumfries, Va. (sucked)
  2. White Plains, Md. (sucked)
  3. Glen Burnie, Md. (sucked)
  4. Annapolis, Md. (not so sucky, but it’s east coast, so it sucks)

Four TV shows you love to watch:

  1. The Office
  2. My Name is Earl
  3. Ghost Hunters
  4. N.C.I.S.

Four places you’ve been on vacation:

  1. Russia
  2. Germany
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Virginia (Williamsburg)

Four websites you visit daily:

  1. HorrorTalk.com
  2. DonkeyHat.com
  3. AlienRedrum.com
  4. MySpace.com

Four favorite foods and places:

  1. Some sidewalk restaurant in Vladimir, Russia. Had the best Georgian sauce I’ve ever had. Ate there about every night when I was there.
  2. Pho Bo Vein from any good Vietnamese joint.
  3. A porterhouse steak from “The Library” somewhere in Jersey. I’ve only ate there once, and I couldn’t tell you how to get there, but it was, hands down, the best steak I have ever had. Ever.
  4. Totino’s pizza from any given grocery store. That’s the white trash in me coming out.

Four places I’d rather be right now:

  1. Oddly, my aunt and uncle’s place in Pennsylvania. It’s a laid-back lifestyle up there, and I miss it sometimes.
  2. The southwest United States. I’ve never been, and I’ve always wanted to go.
  3. A cafe in Paris. Not for the romantic part. Screw that. I just love that city.
  4. Russia. Fuck me if that wasn’t one of the best vacations I ever had.

Thanks to The Lesley for the tag.

  • You want to move to the southwest but you’ve never been there? What?????

    I mean, I’m just asking…

  • Come visit me. I’m sorta kinda Southwest. And I’ve been to see Freak & You so it’s ya’lls turn to visit Norman’s Casa. Jump a flight & come on down. And coolish on the Russia vacay. If I ever tried to go there, they wouldn’t let me into the country. Kinda bummerish..

  • Interesting list! What exactly is Georgian sauce?

  • Get back on that damn horse already!! I miss you! 🙁

  • Lesley, I already told you, but it’s a valid question others might have. So, here’s my answer:

    I’m live in Maryland. It sucks.
    I’ve been up and down the east coast. It sucks.
    I’ve been to the West Coast and loved it.
    My dad’s been to Arizona and New Mexico, and loved it. I’m just like my dad.
    So if I move to Arizona or New Mexico, and think it sucks, at least I’ll like the weather.

    Norman, do you live near OK? My ex-brother-inlaw lives out there, and I want to go out there one day.

    Snooze, I don’t know. I just know it’s good. 🙁 Oh, and it’s named after the country (Georgia), not the state.

    Hot, I just did. 🙂

  • But was it spicy or mayonnaise-y? I was really intrigued as to what Georgian cooking comprised.

  • Definitely more spicy. Not mayonnaise-y at all, really.

    Kind of like a spicy bbq sauce. I’ve never tasted anything quite like it before or after my visit, but my friend (who I went with) said he can find it sometimes in Russian grocery stores. He says it’s not quite as good. I’m wondering if the place we went to if it was like a house recipe.

  • Ace

    We all wander off the horse now and again. Or something.

  • We’re about 1 hour from OK. Also – it depends on where he lives in OK….