I love taking pictures. 95% of the pictures I take completely suck, but sometimes (like the remaining 5%) the pics come out pretty good.

On the flipside, though, 99% of the time I rely on someone taking a picture of me, the pictures turn out exactly like I don’t want them too.

It’s not the person taking the picture, though. They are usually using my camera and are not familiar with it, so I can’t blame them.

But the 1% of the time they work, they really, really work.

On the set of Fear of Clowns 2, Kevin (the director/writer) took the following pics (amongst others).

These rocked.

Janet Jackson look out! What I do outside your house.

  • aricblue

    That guy’s a GREAT photographer! He should be, like, doing it professionally and stuff! 🙂

  • Those are great photos. But holy crap, I now have a fear of clowns. I’m looking over my shoulder as I type.

  • I’ve been afraid of clowns ever since watching “IT”!! Or at least I think that’s what it was called…I’ve blocked it from my memory!!! Thanks for the reminder Stewie!

  • I want Shivers to do that to me!

    And the one in the shadows is awesome!

  • Mystery Man

    Why is that clown feeling you up?

  • aric – yeah, I should get trained people to take my pic more often. Even if they are jerks.

    Snooze – rent “Fear of Clowns.” Take it from me, it’s “…frightening…”

    Hot – see above. 🙂

    Freak – yeah, thanks. i dig that one, as well.

    Mystery – I asked him to. Clowns give me the hawt!