I was watching a rebroadcast of a scrimmage (football) tonight, and at a break it went to the studio for some sort of update.

It was a female broadcaster.

Who was pregnant.

What the fuck.

Pregnant women do not belong in the studio broadcasting sports.

Let's face it, sports are a man's pastime.  Yes, there are women who like football.  Hell, there are women who know more about football than some men.  Hell, there is no doubt that there are plenty of women who know much, much more about sports than I.  But I don't care about that, and I'm all for it.  God bless them.

But for the most part, it's a male audience, and men don't want to see pregnant women when they are watching the game.  It's damn distracting.  Is our politically correct society so pussy now that someone can't say, "You know what, you're pregnant.  And, in this particular media, with our particular audience being majority male, why don't you go out, have the kid and come back.  We'll be glad to have you."

And I'm about it going both ways.  Say you ladies higher a stripper for a bachlorette party.  And I showed up.  You don't want to see that, do you?  No.  But wait, what about equal rights?  SOMETIMES THEY SHOULD NOT APPLY!

That's right, dammit, there are times when equal rights do not apply and this is one of those times.  Like that dickhead that sued hooters because they wouldn't hire him because he was a guy.  THAT IS A TIME EQUAL RIGHTS SHOULD NOT APPLY!

Guys watch football for two reasons — the game and the cheerleaders.  We don't watch it in hopes that we get to see some pregnant lady on the sidelines or in the booth.  We want blood.  We want boobs.

And not lactating ones. 

  • Blonde

    Not everyone wants blood…

  • :hitit:

  • Stewie…you are :king: !!!

    I don’t give a crap about the sports…I just love your bananas!!

    I was actually having a conversation about pregnant women with some friends the other day & we decided that they shouldn’t be allowed to show their “bump” in public…as in it should NEVER be on show!

    That’s just my opinion tho!

  • I’m not sure if I should comment, because I have a sneaking suspicion that this blog is just a cry for attention.

    Actually, I’m here waiting for the DHC Nation to show up. Now where the fuck are they???!?!?!?!?!!!!


  • I fucked up my banana dance. Fuckity!

  • hot, when demi moore was preggers, and on the cover of vogue, i bought it. but that’s ’cause demi is smoking hot. i just don’t want to see them when i’m watching sports. or porn.

    lesley, just click. and 😆 at DHC. holy shit.

  • What if her kid grows up to be the greatest football player of all time? Does that excuse her being pregnant and broadcasting?

  • What?


    There’s no excuse for it. 😡

  • Ace

    Munkees are always appropriate.

  • Where the fuck is the goddamn DHC Nation!


  • More like WHAT the fuck is DHC Nation?

    It does seem like a weird choice of commentator for football, but I could see it if she were the regular commentator. Then I wouldn’t get rid of her just for being pregnant. It doesn’t sound as creepy though as a tampon commercial that they always play during a teen drama here in Canada. The final line of the commercial says “’cause being a girl rocks”, but the voice is that of a middle-aged man with a very deep voice. It gets to me each and every time.

  • Ace, yes they are.

    Lesley, I’m waiting myself.

    Snooze, if I can, I will either get online tomorrow or shoot you an email and share. I think you can be trusted with this. No one else ask, it’s a need to know only. In addition, you bring up a valid point. I can only assume being a girl rocks, as I am not one myself (but I know if I had boobs–not moobs–it would rock because I wouldn’t leave the house), but in that particular context, one would think it’s probably one of the times being a girl does not, in fact, “rock”. It makes one wonder if either the announcer, or the people who created this fine piece of broadcasting, has some sort of fetish they are trying to announce.

    I’m reminded of a commercial here in the States. IIRC, it was a massengil or summer’s eve commercial, where a mother and daughter were discussing their “not so fresh” feeling. When I asked my sister if she and my mother ever had such a conversation, I was called a retard and promptly hung up on.

  • Awww… Joy was probably just jealous of all those times that you and Mom Redrum had that “not so fresh feeling” conversation and she was left out!

  • Stewie – I figured YOU’D take ANY boobs you could get! LOL! :rimshot:

  • Ya!! It’s funny, but I’ll have to agree with you. I’ll give you another example… when people at work get all pissed off because they can’t do their *normal* job (i.e. taking apart a “package” on a nuke). I highly HIGHLY don’t believe that they should work around those objects…but some still complain. weirdos

  • :bff:

    well damn. i had to do another post because i forgot to put a little thingie in it!! I’ll use the noogie dudes!

  • You just better keep your football players off of my lactating boob show.

  • I’d never thought of that before but you’re right – rag time is one of the times that being a girl just doesn’t rock. I can’t imagine why your sister called you a retard. I often mention to my family that sometimes I don’t feel fresh even after I shower.

    And when do I get to know the secret? I want to be in the club dammit!

  • You have stalkerish mail, snooze.

  • My blog is a dictatorship, not a democracy.