A couple pics of my buddy's patio view.



  • Its nothing personal, but I hate him. Unless I could somehow manage to print out he view and make a door cover of it…..

  • That’s one amazing view!!

    I don’t suppose he’s looking for a spouse?!

  • Wow. Nothing else, just, wow.

  • Ace

    Apropos of completely nothing, I was checking to see if my blog counter still worked (it does) and one of the search terms by which someone found my blog was:

    “life size Stewie doll”

    No lie.

  • life size Stewie doll? OMFG!

    Does this mean Ace has a Stewie RealDoll? I KNEW IT!


  • greg, you ain’t lying. I could (and did) sit out there all day.

    hot, unfortunately not. He’s one lucky bastard as his wife is damn cool.

    ace, right on. too bad there wasn’t a pic of the person looking.

    lesley, who doesn’t?