I went to my nephew’s first football game a couple weeks ago and, man, I had a blast.

The weird thing about my nephew playing football is that, up until about two weeks before he joined the team, is that he never had an interest in it. He didn’t play football with his friends, he didn’t play football on the XBox, hell, he didn’t even watch football. For some reason or another, he got a bug up his ass to play football. So he got on a team.

I had plans on going to Atlantic City, but when my sister told me he was playing his first game, I cancelled my plans. No way I was missing this.

It was awesome.

Since Cody hadn’t practiced a lot with the rest of the team, he was pretty much benched the first quarter of the game. He did get in on some plays as a lineman, but he was splitting time with the other ‘benchers’. However, I did notice the coaches were talking to Cody each time he came off the field. They weren’t talking to the other benchers when they came off the field. Just Cody. I took that as a good sign.

He didn’t come off the field from the second quarter on.

By the fourth quarter, the other team had stopped running to his side.

My boy had quite a few tackles his first game. Including three in a row when they tried to run on his side. That’s why they stopped trying. Only so many times you can run into a wall.

Don’t get me wrong, he has some things to work on (the boy needs to start hustling more), but, hell, for he was a rock star for someone playing their first game.

I’m pretty proud of him. I’m already envisioning season tickets when he plays for the Redskins.

Big Cody

I love this pic. I snagged it right before the game.

Two Tough Guys

Me and the boy. He’s 12. I’m about 6′. He’s 12. Yeah, he has cleats on. But he’s 12.

Oh yeah, I added a pretty bad ass snap in for the pics. You click the pic, it comes up. Good times.

  • Now maybe he’ll join you and your father for your hoop and holler session at the sports bar.

  • Ace

    He’s huge!

    And forget the ‘Skins in the future, he could probably play for the Raiders next weekend!

  • Scrapple

    Don’t you like the kid??? I thought you said he was good, don’t waste him on the redskins…. Ha,ha.

  • You sound like an amazing uncle, which is just as well since – dayum – your nephew is tall and will probably be able to kick your ass in a few years.

  • Freak, excellent idea.

    Ace, considering how the Redskins “stopped” tiki this weekend, I’ll take him on the ‘skins.

    Scrapple, you are a bastard. And I can’t talk shit. Dammmit.

    Snooze, you may change your mind on the amazing uncle part when I write about how I scared my niece this weekend. 😀