The roommate and I were talking via email today about her pinning down a date for when she moves out.

She wrote:

You want a date so you can mark them off on the wall like they do in prison?

I replied with:


I want to plan it so when every day i come home, i’ll walk around with one less piece of clothing. so by your last day, i’ll just be wearing boxers.

when you see me just wearing boxers, you’ll know what I have planned for the next day.

you have been put on alert.

Which she said:

Hell, why not make the last item of clothing your nipple clamps. Scare me out of the house that night.

(how she knows I own those, I have no idea).

I replied:

I’ll just walk around like Jame Gumb.


She ended it with:

Oh God.

I’ll move now. I don’t want to see your ‘gina. I don’t care how pretty you pose.

For the record, I pose very pretty. 😡

  • Excellent conversation. Oh to be a fly on the wall at your place – I bet you guys have had similar nutty talks.

  • Even Tommy Lee couldn’t pose pretty enough for me to accept a mangina.

  • Scrapple

    All so you can spank it in each and every room…. remind me stay at a hotel next time I hit up the east coast 😉

  • aricblue

    Talk of you naked makes me ill. Please refrain.

  • Snooze, we have all sorts of conversations like this. It’s a non-stop party. 😀

    Freak, I don’t think Lee could hide his junk.

    Scrapple, you know you want this.

    Aric, don’t try to hide your true feelings behind your wall of denial.