• Carrie

    God, man are you TRYING to get me fired?! I couldn’t stop cracking up. That’s one of those that will pop in my head in 2 hours and I’ll start cracking up at my desk. I was rollin’!

  • Dorothy Gale

    I don’t get it. What is so funny about losing your car ?

  • Ace

    That is so hysterical!

  • I don’t see why he wouldn’t want a bitchin’ Camaro.

  • I can’t even watch an actor pretending to be Hitler.

  • PS Does he die in the end?

  • Carrie, I am here to make your day go by quicker!

    Dorothy, it’s never funny when you lose your car. 🙁

    Ace, after repeated viewings, it’s still funny.

    Freak, now I have that song in my head.

    Snooze, what about gay Hitler on SNL? And he just cries a lot at the end.