“Stewie, my friend is down from New York and he wants to check out this abandoned mental hospital.”

That was what my friend, Zig, said to me.

“Oh yeah? Where’s it at?” I asked.

“Six miles from my house.”


That’s where I went Sunday afternoon. To an abandoned mental hospital. With camera in hand.

Always a good sign.
Yeah. Nothing to see here. Move along.

One of the buildings. Another building.
A couple of the buildings on the grounds.

A busted up door. No exit.  We are fucked. Outside door.
It seemed every single door in the joint, be it inside or out, was a doorway to hell.

Walkway to Hell Go to the light, Carol-Ann!
These two shots were from the same spot. Just opposite directions. If this were a choose your own adventure book, you were screwed no matter what.

Water Tower.
Even the water tower was hopeless.

Talk about creepy beautiful.

  • I LOVE IT – stuff like that intrigues me. Thanks for posting those pictures. It’s nice to see REAL pictures taken by someone NOT affiliated with the media & such. 😉

  • Oooh – I hope you smudged or something after. Think of all the restless spirits there. Very cool photos, but I would never have been able to sleep after.

  • Thanks, ladies!

    Snooze, yeah, it was creepy as hell. I mean super creepy. I hope none of those spirits followed me home. That would suck.