Tonight in comedic discussion with The Lesley and Belle, I was reminded of an excellent video.

I so love this video. Be warned, it has pseudo nudity and vulgar language!

  • That video rocks.

  • Although it would have been better if it was a video of you doing the tucked back blog porn.

    Just kidding, I don’t want to see that.

  • He’s not kidding. He totally wants to see that. He told me!

    btw, what size necklace would you like? 😆

  • Ace

    That’s great! The video I mean, not the idea of you doing porn. Well… no, nevermind.

  • You guys are gonna be sorry when I do it! 😡

  • Yes, I imagine we will be.

  • Great video :thumbsup:

    But no thanks on the “tuck.” I don’t thing my retinas could take the burn. 😆

  • You’re planning on a tuck soon? I thought naked day started in January.

  • Snooze, the tuck has been discussed.

    I’m considering it.

    The rest of ya’s can kiss my fat ass.