I’ve mentioned a few times, here and there, a movie I worked on called Dead Hunt. The trailer went up on YouTube recently.

It’s a Timewarp production (directed by Joe Ripple and produced by the late — and great — Don Dohler), written by my buddy, Ace, and starring some really, really great people. Gotta give props to my buddy, Mitch, as well — he’s doing the effects.

I can’t wait until it’s in Blockbuster. Oh yes. Considering all of Timewarp’s other films can be found in your local video store, I have no doubt this one will be gracing the shelves, as well.

2007 is off to a helluva start.


    Very cool. Congrats and all that. 🙂

  • Congrats on seeing something you worked on come to fruition!

  • Now that your famous I’m going to sue you for using the smiley that I made only for Horrortalk’s usage. For shame, sir. For shame. :shake:

  • Thanks for the plug. We’re hoping to get a deal soon. We’d love to see a company Lion’s Gate pick it up.

  • I should point out that Sean Quinn did most of the FX for Dead Hunt. I helped a bit, did a handful, but he deserves the credit. I’m still working primarily on Crawler.

  • That is sah-WEET. You should be proud of yourself, and Ace should be over the freakin’ moon.

  • Ace


    I put it up on my page, too.


  • Ok, I want to go and get whatever schooling I need to be the guy thats responsible for girls in thongs. Special effects are cool, wardrobe, whatever. I want to be in charge of the asses. (Yes, originally I said I wanted to pick the asses, but no)

  • Seriously though, That kicks ass. You guys kick ass. Congratz

  • aricblue

    Dude, if Lionsgate will pick up shit like FOC then you’re in! 🙂

  • Thanks, all!!!

    Greg, there are a lot of asses on a film set. Be careful what you wish for.