We’ll see how many edits I’ll have to do…

I’m testing yet another new gadget.  This one is “Windows Live Writer”.

Since the picture upload capability is probably the most important (let’s face it, any program can do the text), here’s a cheesy pic from the camping trip a few weeks back.

We’ll see how many edits I’ll have to do.


Holy cow!

It looks like the lightbox relation picked it up automatically without me doing a thing.

I think the only thing I will have to work on is tags.  This program makes it easy, so I’ll give it a quick whirl.


Looks like I’ll just have to make one adjustment to the code when I post pictures with this program.  Not bad at all.

For those interested, here’s the link to the program.

  • Another gadget? Goddammit! Stop making me download stuff 😡


  • Ron

    WOW, a program that uploads pictures. What will they think of next? FTP? Never heard of it….

  • Snooze

    I love that photo. Big cheesy grins are the best.

  • Mitch, I only tooled with it a little bit, but the fact I only had to make one slight change to the code for pictures really impressed me.

    Ron, well maybe, just maybe, if you updated your blogs EVER, you would understand. Real classy. :shake:

    Snooze, thank you! Considering how early that was, I’m surprised it looked so genuine. 😆