I have very limited time tonight, as it’s getting late and I have to knock out a review for HorrorTalk. So, tonight, you get very little from me.

I was reading Lesley’s blog today, and she posted the theme from “The Greatest American Hero”, which got me thinking of the original opening of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.”

I picked up the complete series box set at Walmart for $20 a couple months ago, and imagine my surprise when I saw this opening:


Holy cow! I certainly didn’t remember that opening when I was a young lad!

Well, apparently, that opening was a one shot deal, because it went to the regular one, the one I remembered, after the premiere episode.

Even still, Erin Gray’s hotness was elevated numerous notches after watching it.

I saw her at a show recently. She’s still hot.

  • Holy shit. That is the best fucking opening ever!

    I can barely remember anyhting from that show. How did it hold up? I might have to pick that up. :thumbsup:


  • Snooze

    Oh good grief. I truly don’t know what to say about that opening but the words ‘wildly inappropriate’ and ‘did women lose the vote in the 25th century?’ come to mind.

  • Admit it, you love her for teh Silver Spoons!

  • Now we know why his name was buck:

    My name is Buck and I am here to f……..

  • fnordboy, put it this way: I’ve watched four episodes, and I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth already. It doesn’t hold up in the sense of “ZOMG IT’S LIKE STAR WARS, BUT ON TV!”, but it does still have a certain charm. And Erin Gray is still in it.

    Snooze, :lol:. I have nothing more to add. 😆

    Lesley, now I have that stupid song in my head. THANKS. 😡

    Jared, :lol:.

  • That is hotness. Then again, she did it for me back then anyway.

  • Well, I think I will be picking this up during the DDD 20% sale. Can’t go wrong for like $16. :yay: