Not much for content tonight, folks, as I had a happy hour engagement at That Bar we always go to (by “always” I mean every two months).

It’s weird how you know someone for so long when it’s vocalized how long exactly you’ve know them, it’s still a bit of a shock.

Tonight my BFF (sorry, shiki) Jafo didn’t give me the laughing reaction I wanted, so he was immediately given a fuck you. He then pointed out since we have been friends for 15 years, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

To which his honeybunny replied, “Wow. 15 years? I was in 5th grade when you two became friends.”

That was nice of her to point that out.

Jafo’s brother, Russ, also showed up which was cool, as I haven’t seen him in months, as well as Helen and her friend Sid, the two of which I haven’t seen in years.

Alas, I had to bolt early to plan for Thanksgiving shenanigans, but it was well worth going, if only for a little bit.

But, here’s the sad part, the part where you know you are an adult. Jafo and I have been friends for a decade and a half. We work about five blocks from one another, but due to scheduling, we can only pop a happy hour about every month and a half (if we’re lucky). Growing up really does suck.

On the bright side, we never have to do any catching up, because we really don’t care. I say that because, realistically, if there was something big that needed to be talked about, it would be discussed. Over email, of course, because I dislike phone conversations so much. Most of the time we just sit around busting on each other.

Oh yeah, on a completely unrelated note, I added a “Box of Hate” quote rotator over there on your right. It’s right above the calendar. The calendar is temporary, as I don’t want to look at it after November and see three highlighted days. I also added a new plugin for archives so I can get rid of the super long list of months on the page. It’s on the right, too, in that first box that is labeled “More of My Wisdom”. <3 WordPress.

  • Ace

    I’ve known my best friend since first grade, we live two blocks from each other, and we’re lucky if we can hang out for an hour once a week.

    Doesn’t adulthood suck?

  • It’s great you made the effort to meet him.

    [and I can’t believe you are still posting every day. well done!]

  • I hate the idea of getting old…

    As I get older, I find it more & more difficult to keep in contact with all the people in my life! Obviously it’s because I’m so popular!!!! 😉

    & like Snooze, I’m really impressed that you’re keeping it up! ;-P

  • Hitman, yep, it does suck.

    Snooze, it’s always a pain in the ass, but we make the effort and it’s always worth it.

    Hot, that’s why I generally keep the people in my life to about 5 or so. Any more than I’d have to be leaving the house and doing things. F. That.