Need a favor…

For those that come here more or less regularly, has the site been slow?

I’ve been having slow load times at home and work for just this site, and I’m trying to get GoDaddy to help me out with this.

I also need to know if I’m on crack, or if it really is slow loading.

If you could drop a comment with any experiences with load time (and ladies, descriptions of lesbian experiences will be fine, too), that would be helpful.  Oh, and, if you could, maybe the location from where you are posting from (Jersey, Canada, etc.) would rock, too.

Much thanks!

  • Yes, it’s been very slow, both from home using Verizon DSL, and at work over a multiple T3 Broadwing connection. Just now it was a blank screen for at least 10 seconds before the background even loaded. Work and home are both in Jersey.

    It was college and there was a LOT of alcohol involved. That is all I’m saying about that. There was also learning to french kiss in the locker room after lacrosse practice. And of course you know what they say about Catholic school girls…

  • “I also need to know if I’m on crack, or if it really is slow loading.”

    So you are saying the two are mutually exclusive?

  • Scrapple24

    yea, your slow….. and so is the page

  • FWIW, my site, also on GoDaddy, has been very slow lately. It seems it happens for half an hour or so, and then goes back to normal. It’s especially frustrating in the admin section, while trying to tweak a post.

    This post was a little slow loading, but not too bad.

    Please post whatever you find out from GoDaddy, too.

  • Yes, your page is very slow loading. As for location, I’m in Canada.

  • Much thanks, all. My cousin hit it from PA, and he says it’s slow loading, too.

    Very frustrated right now.

  • Snooze

    I don’t really notice. I usually click on a blog and then get distracted and then come back… so it’s fine for me.

    Lesley – love your answer to the other question

  • Snooze

    Okay, it was insta tonight from home, in Canada.