A buddy of mine posted this over at HorrorTalk.


John Wiley Price and Thomas Jones are obviously fucking idiots.

God bless America.

  • I think the proper term is “hole of color”. 🙂

  • Oh, good God. Now science is racist. :wacko:

    BTW, Stewie, can you update the link to my site? It’s just http://talesfromthecellar.com now. Thanks, bro.


  • All this racist talk is making me racist.

  • Snooze

    This sort of semantic nonsense takes away from the real occurrences of racism in our societies – of which there are many. This reminds me of that ludicrous controversy over the use of the word “niggardly”.

  • Lesley, 😆

    Mitch, ZOMG WHORE YOUR SITE SOMEWHERE ELSE, PLEASE. And, odd, I thought I did. Shit.

    Freak, you being a racist makes you a racist. :huh:

    Snooze, the niggardly incident of 2002 (?) happened in good old DC, too. That dumb ass city doesn’t deserve to be a State.

  • dorothygale

    Am I still allowed to go shopping on BLACK FRIDAY even though I’m white?