If you haven’t noticed, just to the right of the post titles are two little icons.

The first currently looks like “<>”. If you punch it, it will expand the post out (losing the columns on the side) and will turn to “><“. Punch it again and it will collapse to normal.

The second icon looks like “-“. If you click it, it will collapse the current post, bringing the next one up, and turn into a “+”. Hitting it again expands it back to normal.


  • Thanks for the plug links. Can you also shoot me the one for auto-updating WP. Please, pretty please. 😀

  • Snooze

    I want an icon where naked people appear.

  • Awesome!

  • Mitch, no problem. I think I enjoy tinkering with the site more than posting on it, sometimes. 😆

    Snooze, :lol:. So do I.