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I think with some of my previous blogs may come across as a tad bitter. They may come across that I hate women. Well, let me clear the air.

I love women.

Love, love, love.

I love the way they laugh. I love the way they smell. I love the way they taste.

I love the napes of their neck, the small of their back.

I love that curve from the drop of the hip to just below the ribs when a woman is laying on her side.

I love the way they sleep, they eat, drink, breath.

I love the arch of their back and the pressure of their hands on my chest at the moment of pleasure.

I love women.

As much as I bitch, I don’t blame all women for the idiots I’ve either dated (that’s on me) or have had bad experiences with, because I have had just as many good experiences.

So why not write about the good, then?

I’m a much funnier cynic.

  • Ace


  • “Sooner or later
    You’ll be a
    Female woman-hater…
    It’s inevitable”

    (LOL–ask Freak–she’ll know what I am talking about! :p)

    Damn Stewie–you made women sound good even to ME! >:p

  • You don’t even have a girlfriend and you’re already whipped! j/k

  • No, I know where he’s coming from. The other day, I was thinking about how much I love men – everything about them. It’s specific ones that I date that get on my nerves and poison me against the rest of the male population.

    He’s not dating, so he’s got no female-induced aggravation to deal with.

  • He’s not dating, so he’s got no female-induced aggravation to deal with.


    That’s comedy.

  • Don’t make me beat your ass, punk.