This isn’t a Joy post, so it won’t count in the 30 Days of Joy, but when I someone with a wicked sense of humor, it must be recognized.

I stumbled across rocketradio’s blog via Snooze’s.

The first post I saw was this one. I guffawed.

As I said in the comments, I have subscribed. 😆

  • Thanks Stewie! The bloglove is mutual – you’re on my rocketroll!

    Your title banner rocks me so hard – oh dear, you’ll never get rid of me now.

  • Snooze

    Fantastic! Two of my fave bloggers have discovered each other’s warped minds. I love it when this stuff happens.

  • katrocket, roll updated, thanks! And thanks for the banner comp. I have special love for most of those movies.

    Snooze, bringing bloggers together since 200X! :dancingbanana: