My mom’s been real sick the past two weeks (including a week long hospital visit the week I was in San Fran — a whole ‘nother blog). Today she had a doctor’s appointment to see what’s up. I saw Joy had called me today while I was at work, so I called her on the way home to see what the word was.



“I saw you called earlier. What’s up?” I asked.

“I took your mother to the doctor’s today.”

“Yeah, I know. What did they say?”

“You’re going to have to call me back, my show is on.” I don’t even know what her show is.

“What? So TV is more important than your mother?”

“When you call at an inconvenient time, it is.” Click.

I love my family.

  • Snooze

    I guess it was good news? TV is important and all but…

    I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she is indeed doing much better, and you were right, I do feel like an ass now for complaining about your earlier lame posts. In fact I was just recently thinking “Seriously? Is his being on a fab trip in San Fran his excuse for days of ‘can’t post now’ posting?” It’s much clearer now.

  • OMG, NO, Snooze. Don’t feel bad at all.

    I didn’t even know about my mom being in the hospital until about 3 days when I was supposed to come back from SF, and that was an accident (I’ll get into that in December).

    We’re waiting on results. She’s doing much better, now, thanks!

  • Ace

    Glad she’s doing better. Hope it turns out!

    And that teddy bear post was funny as heck.