She’s to blame, or thank…

I was over my sister’s house last weekend for a cookout and one of her friends took this picture for me.

I honestly can’t remember the last time my sister and I took a picture together.

She made my first 16 years a living hell, so she’s the one to blame (or thank) for some of the stories on this blog.


Why she’s shoving her baps at me, I have no idea.

  • Hey, where’s the naked pictures of your sister? I know you got some…

  • I notice there’s no reply…

    Which ISN’T a denial! Busted.

  • I couldn’t think of anything witty.


  • Is she coming to HF? Is she easy?

  • I know why she’s sticking her boochachas out at you.

    She’s telling you, “I have boobs, and play with them anytime I want, and you don’t, and you can’t!!”

    Just something else she wants to rub your face in.

    Hopefully not literally. That’d be kind of sick.

  • Freak, that’s just foul.

    Renaldo, no and yes.

    Sucks, doesn’t it.

  • Ace

    Hey, Freak, Stewie does have boobs, doesn’t he? Looks that way in the picutre…

  • You sure you don’t want to apologize to your mom for saying boobs?

  • Ace

    Nah, she only gets mad when I say shit and fuck.

    And she doesn’t read your blog anyway.

  • I do read his blog! Next time I see you, your mouth is going to be so full of soap you won’t have to shower for a month!

  • I see no family resemblance?

    Stewie were you a milk man baby!?
    Mail man? UPS man? Schwann man?

    Or did they just find ya someplace?

    (JK man! Good pic!)

  • Ace, everyone reads my blog. It’s where the party is. :-p

    J, C. Walken is my dad.

  • Kelli looks EXACTLY like your mom* and you look EXACTLY like your dad*.

    It’s quite chilling and creepy, actually.

    *In their younger days.

  • No shit. Sometimes Kelli will get a look on her face when she’s yelling at the rugrats and I feel like it’s my mom all over again.