So my friend B found this fun little Holiday Page, and I had to do it for my friends.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I am so fucking hot.

  • Snooze

    Yer so purty! Smooch!

  • SAM

    It’s so nice of you to put on a pretty face for Earl, since he’s providing you the comfort and support of a big spoon to help you fight off your illness. Quite honestly, it’s the least you could do. Maybe consider fixing him a good, hearty breakfast to help him start his day after a night of putting his energy into big spoon duties. Not a sermon, just a thought. ;D

  • aricblue

    that doesn’t even look like you.

  • Snooze, thanks! I think spending an extra hour prettying myself up in the morning helps me feel better about myself throughout the day.

    SAM, gross.

    aric, do you think I applied too much?