I’d like to thank that woman walking in front of me today.

She was shaking her ass to the beat of The Cult’s Fire Woman.

Lord have mercy.

  • No, she wasn’t. She was using ben-wa balls and it just looked like she was shaking to that tune.

    Good tune, by the way.

  • Fine with me.

    It still looked good. 😀

  • You really need to get out more.


  • This is what happens when he does get out.

  • EXACTLY!!11UNO!!!ONE11!!!

  • Ace

    No pix?

  • I couldn’t get my camera phone out in time.

    Stupid backpack.

  • LOL

    Does it have a movie mode? That would be neat.

  • LMAO



    I must keep it handy.

    Kudos to you, sir!

  • Jesus..you guys are as bad as me when it coems to all the little boys running around on the college campus where I work.

    No wonder I wreck patrol vehicles.

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