1 Ticket to see Def Leppard and Brian Adams – $48.00
The cost of gas to and from the show – $8.00
1 Beer and hotdog – $12.00

Getting out of the parking lot in under 5 minutes – Priceless

Sometimes it pays to leave when Brian Adams comes on stage.

  • Ace

    I may disagree with you on Bryan Adams, but I do admire your parking-lot mad skillz, that’s for sure!

  • BrYan.

    :: sigh ::

  • shiki – I don’t give a fuCk.

    Thanks, Ace. Girls like guys with skills.

  • I’da left too…

    “Everybody needs somebody…to stick around and listen to my weak assed music” (He would have sang!!)


  • Bryan Adams is teh suck. You’re they hit your town with DL as the opener, that’s for sure.

    $12 for a hot dog and beer?! Did it come with a lapdance?