I was sureI posted this some time ago, but I couldn’t find it. I dug this up tonight, and laughed and laughed like it was the first time I saw it.

This very well could be me when I was still living at home with the folks.


  • Snooze

    I couldn't watch this! I couldn't keep listening to him yell at a cat (or dog or kid). I hope that cat pisses on his pillow!

  • lesleygirl

    Hope it's still funny when he's in hell!

  • aricblue

    Clearly, this is the guy who will snap and shoot people at work because he's got a three inch pee-pee.

  • The cat probably did piss on his pillow. lol.

  • Whose hell, Lesley! WHOSE HELL!

    (I have a feeling I'm so misusing “whose”.)

  • Different people show love differently, aric.

  • Lesley

    Actually, you're right, it's “whose”. I'm a grammar nerd.

  • All I could think watching that was, “Damn! What an ASS!! It sounds just like Stewie!!”

    I think I'm going to watch that before the next time I ask you to watch my cats while I'm gone.