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I mention my work on HorrorTalk a lot, and here are the direct links to my reviews over there. Each link busts in a new window.

Addict Apartment 1303 - 11.17.2007 Arang - 05.06.2007 Are You Rei? - 01.15.2008 August Underground - 11.20.2005

August Underground's Mordum

Cinderella (2006, Reviewed 04.15.2007) Citizen X (1995) (Reviewed 09.01.2003) The City of the Dead (1960) (Reviewed 04.29.2007) The Coast Guard (2002) (Reviewed 10.16.2005) College Girl Murders (1967) (Reviewed 09.07.2005)

creationofthehumanoids curseofthelivingcorpse deadandbreakfastmovie deadandbreakfastdvd Dead Men Walking (2005) (Reviewed 01.07.2006)
The Devil's Backbone (2001) (Reviewed 08.21.2003) Distraught (Reviewed 06.08.2006) Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (2002) (Reviewed 12.02.2004) Doomed to Consume (2006) (Reviewed 08.28.2007) Dorm (2006) (Reviewed 07.02.2007)

henry-portrait-of-a-serial-killer-cover henry-2-mask-of-sanity-cover hide-and-creep-cover curseofthelivingcorpse house-of-wax-cover

The Human Factor (10.28.2006)  

King of the Lost World
Last Broadcast, The
Legion of the Dead
LivelihoodThe Living and the Dead
London Voodoo
The Losers
The Mad
The Manson Family
Masters of Horror’s “Pelts” (Episode)
Masters of Horror’s “Sounds Like” (Episode)
Midnight Mass
The Midnight Special
Night of the Bloody Apes
Nightmares & Dreamscapes
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (aka Most látszom, most nem látszom)
Off the Beaten Path
One Hour Photo
Prince of Space
Private Parts
The Red Shoes
Resident Demon
Ricco the Mean Machine
Salem’s Lot
Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre
Scary True Stories
The Serial Killers
Slaughter Disc
Slaughter Night
A Snake of June
Sometimes They Come Back
Stephen King’s “IT”
Stephen King’s “The Shining”
Tales from the Crypt – Season One
Tales From the Crypt – Season Two
Tales from the Crypt – Season Four
Tales from the Crypt – Season Six
Tales from the Crypt: From Comic Books to Television
Terror Beneath the Sea
A Thousand Words: Bloodline
Tragic Ceremony
Triad Election (aka Election 2)
Trilogy of Terror
Tru Calling – Season 2
Vampire Sisters
Vampires Los Muertos
Victim, The (aka Phii khon pen)
Violent Midnight
War Between the Planets
Werewolf Shadow
Werewolves on Wheels
Witchfinder General (aka The Conqueror Worm)
Without Warning
A World Without Thieves